Image files are licensed Public Domain Mark 1.0. Münster, Archäologisches Museum der Universität, ID2464. Photographs by Robert Dylka.

Iudaea: Herodes Agrippa I.
Inventory no: M 1524

Class/status: Ancient Ruler's issue
Denomination: Prutah
Date: 42/43 n. Chr.
Country: Israel
Mint: (Iudaea)

Obverse: ΒΑ[CΙΛΕⲰC] - ΑΓΡΙΠΑ. Baldachin.
Reverse: [L] - ς. [= Jahr 6, d. h. 42/43 n. Chr.]. Drei Kornähren.

Münster, Archäologisches Museum der Universität
Accession Zugangsart Kauf

Bronze, Prutah, 2,42 g, 17,5 mm, 12 h

previous Owner:
Theobald Bieder
Herodes Agrippa I. (37-44 n. Chr.)

Publications: RPC I Nr. 4981; Y. Meshorer - G. Bijovsky - W. Fischer-Bossert, Coins of the Holy Land. The Abraham and Marian Sofaer Collection at the American Numismatic Society and the Israel Museum (2013) 263 Nr. 153-163; Y. Meshorer, Ancient Jewish Coinage, Bd. 2 (1982) 249 Nr. 11; BMC Palestine 236-237 Nr. 1-19.

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Photographer Obverse: Robert Dylka
Photographer Reverse: Robert Dylka

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