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The coin collection of the Archaelogical Museum of Münster University consists of more than 5,700 objects covering all historical periods in antiquity: Greek coins (of the archaic, classical and Hellenistic periods), coins of the Roman Republic and empire, civic and provincial coins of the Imperial period, and Byzantine ones. It is frequently used during University courses and represents an integral part of teaching ancient numismatics by providing first-hand experience to students, and to familiarize with subject related methodology.

Normally a representative selection of Greek and Roman coins is exhibited in the university’s Archaeological Museum. In addition there are also showcases on special topics such as “Alexandria Troas” and “Mons Argaios”, respectively, highlighting recent research by University staff on these regions. The “process of ancient coin production” is illustrated by a selection of misstrikes. But at the moment our Museum is closed for rebuilding. Thus our holdings are kept in the safe room and may be studied only upon appointment. Providing easier access to the public is a key element of our mission, which aims at the digitalisation of all our coins. More and more objects will be published in our online catalogue waiting to be discovered 24 hours and seven days a week, wherever you are.

Coins in the Archaelogical Museum
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